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Tickers can fire some commands or an Alias at regular intervals. Tickers can also play a sound when they fire. You can create Tickers that only play sounds and do not fire any commands.

Tickers operate like an hourglass. A 60-second ticker will fire every 60 seconds and ignores events like system clock changes and device sleeping/waking.

iOS imposes some constraints on Tickers. For example, suppose you have a ticker that fires every 20 seconds and it is next scheduled to fire 20 seconds from now.

You can switch in and out of MUDRammer during the ticking period, but 20 seconds from now, when the ticker is scheduled to fire:
  • If MUDRammer is in the foreground, the Ticker will fire normally.
  • If MUDRammer is in the background, the Ticker MAY or MAY NOT fire on schedule, depending on device-specific factors like the currently-foregrounded app and device memory pressure. 
If the ticker does not fire on schedule for any background reason, the ticker will fire the next time MUDRammer is foregrounded. If the ticker would have fired multiple times in the background, it will fire only once when MUDRammer returns to the foreground.

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