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The Radial Control

The Radial Control is a fully-customizable gesture control onscreen opposite the Move Control.

Head to Settings -> Radial Control to change the radial control's position or disable it. When you change the Radial Control's position, the Move Control will adjust its position such that it sits opposite the Radial Control.

In the Radial Control editor, you can add, edit, rearrange, and remove the commands that appear on the Radial Control. You can add up to 8 commands. Tap "Edit" in the upper-right corner to rearrange or delete commands, and tap the "+" to add new commands.

The first command on your list will appear at the 12:00 noon position on the Radial Control, with the rest continuing clockwise from there.

You can use Aliases as commands on the Radial Control! If you have enabled Semicolon Commands in Settings -> Advanced, you can send multiple Radial Control commands with a semicolon.

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