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An Alias is a short command you can type that will send one or more other commands.

Alias: enter the command you'll type to fire this Alias. Shorter is usually better!

Command(s): enter one or more commands that this Alias will fire. Separate multiple commands with semicolons (;) or newlines.

You can customize the Move Control with your own commands by creating Aliases. For example, save an Alias with the 'n' command to assign some custom commands to dragging up on the Move Control.

You can also use the #N# syntax in a command to generate a random number between 1 and N, which will then be added to your Alias command output.

Some Alias examples:
AliasCommand(s)You TypeCommand(s) Sent
randsay There are #4# lights!randsay There are 2 lights!
shcast shield;bowsh seusscast shield seuss;bow seuss
rduse rod $2$ at $1$rd orc 3use rod 3 at orc
ppage $1$=$*$p seuss hi there!page seuss=hi there!

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