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Speaking Text

VoiceOver must be enabled for MUDRammer to speak text.

You can enable VoiceOver in Apple's, under General -> Accessibility.

You may find it helpful to assign the triple-tap-Home-button gesture to toggling VoiceOver on and off. This is also in -> General -> Accessibility, labeled "Accessibility Shortcut" at the very bottom of the page.

When MUDRammer receives text from the MUD, it will speak each line of text until there are no more lines to speak. If MUDRammer receives more text while it is currently speaking, the new text will be added to the end of the speaking queue.

You can interrupt speaking at any time by tapping any element on screen that is announced by VoiceOver. Once interrupted, MUDRammer will wait a few seconds and start speaking again when new text is received.

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