I wish MUDRammer would...

have more configurable triggers.

I would kind of like a more configurable trigger system. Example.
Part one
A toggle that can set a trigger to only go off once against multiples of the same string. For example when I backstab with dual wield on aard I get 2 lines of "Your backstab" and my next atk skill is set to go off when it sees that I backstabbed something and ends up outputting my next skill 2x. Sometimes with passive second attack/third attack ability I can get up to like 4x lines of an skill output and the trigger will go off 2. 3' 4 times lol.

Part two.
The easier option on dev side would be to add a turn off after trigger toggle. So a trigger can be set to trigger once and turn the trigger off.

Then Global trigger reset toggle that can be on a trigger so that it internally triggers the reset of all turned off triggers. And send the next command which would be trip. Therefore starting the loop again. This trigger itself can be set to initiate once then off so it doesn't get stuck on the last atk.
Backstab triggers once then off.
Trip triggers once then off.
Black Root triggers once than off.
Circle triggers once then off.
Burnt marbu triggers once then off.
Last trigger is set to trigger off last atk "your marbu jet". Set to trigger once than off but also has the global reset toggle. So once it sees the single last teigger go off, it would reset all the triggers internally, then fire off what the trigger is set to command output. Which would be trip, making a combat ability loop.

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