I wish MUDRammer would...

allow me to directly post my logs to Google Drive

Not much here to say, but if I were to bluesky this idea, you could set up a filenaming convention for a world. For instance, something like charactername-001, charactername-002, and so on (at the very least).

Ideally >_>, it'd be great to be able to capture text from the terminal and be able to specify your own pattern. I do this a lot in my desktop clients. It allows me to string together something like a +time command, capture, and automatically shove that into the filename. This is great because it can keep logs ICly in order via the filename and grouped by character. Taking that simple alphanumeric sorting scheme to it's fullest, starting off every filename with the name of the mush would mean users would simply have all their logs sorted and they could be dumped into a single folder.

I think that google docs are better than simply dumping files on dropbox. Why? Because later you could share that doc with someone in a scene and do collaborative RP right there in the doc. But even just .txt files or something would be great.

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    For a clearer example of the file format: world-character-###.txt

    With date: world-character-##.##.##-###.txt
    -keeping a date's digits consistent will reinforce the sorting through smaller month and day values. You'd do the same thing with the log number, just pad it with zeros till hit hits the digit target.

    -this would require a new paradigm of a "character," however it's easy to accommodate this without much change by just adding a new "character" field to a world file.

    Then, for nice-ity's sake, you could programmatically concatenate the "character" name to the "world name" for the world record's display name in the world menu.
    EX: [world_name] - [character_name]

    Thoughts Down the Road: For those of us who have alts, this would pave the way for a 1-to-1 auto-login feature to complement the current auto-connect feature.

    This isn't really crucial right now (and comes with its own implications that may be less than ideal) because it's easy and kind of great to create multiple aliases for connecting to different MU* accts within the same world record (e.g. cGod, cWiz, cLucy, etc).

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